Conference History and Objectives


In 2017. the field of Power, Energy and Mechatronics Engineering was officially recognized and sponsored by Science and Engineering Institute, USA, supported by University Lisbon, Portugal, and Washington University in St. Louis, USA. Then the conference was held annually, wherein Bangkok, Thailand (2017), Barcelona, Spain (2018), Prague, Czech (2019), Budapest, Hungary (2020), Online (2021) and Xining, Qinghai, China(2021) and now in Dubai, UAE.

ICPEME welcomes articles in the field of Power, Energy and Mechatronics Engineering, dealing with new developments in theory, analytical and numerical simulation and modeling, experimentation, demonstration, advanced deployment and case studies, results of laboratory or field operational tests.

Plan now to be part of this exceptional conference, as an attendee, event sponsor, or exhibitor. ICPEME 2025 is where you will meet and network with energy leaders, business innovators, researchers, academics and policy makers from across the globe.

Conference Objectives

  1. To provide a forum for free discussions of new ideas, research, development and applications in order to stimulate and inspire pioneering work in the field of Power, Energy and Mechanical Engineering areas.
  2. To acquire high quality technical papers for publication in conference proceedings.
  3. To provide a meeting that will further the progress of entities, including Societies, Technical Committees and local Sections and thereby better serve the interests of the conference.
  4. To provide an atmosphere that strengthens the interpersonal rapport of a large number of engineers and scientists interested in specialized and closely related fields.
  5. To provide an exhibition of current hardware and software products, methods and tools.
  6. To provide instruction in advances in Power, Energy and Mechanical Engineering and to encourage and reward student academic participation.
  7. To encourage international participation.